Seasoned Firewood

Looking for a high quality firewood, than you found it.  We sell our firewood by the half face cord, face cord, and full cord.  Also available by the bundle.

Whats a face cord?

A face cord is a term used to measure your firewood. length of pieces 16-18" 

stacked 4' tall and 8' long


We have the wood stacked in Face cord measurements and ready for pick up year round.  Aprox. 250 pieces   


We can delivery starting at $30 for a dump delivery, from 1/2 a face cord up to 3 full cords.


Delivery and stacking

If you want to just get home and have the fire wood stacked next to your fire pit or in a rack. Delivery with stacking starts from $50 and can go up depending on location of your home and location of the wood to be stacked!