Landscape Services



This is the most affordable way to enhance the look of a home; with our wide range of colors, we have many options for you to choose from. When we mulch, we clean up the edges and lay an even coat of fresh mulch around the home. This is a quick process, and we can provide you with a free estimate. 


Spring & Fall Clean-ups

Spring – When that perfect white snow melts, it leaves behind a mess! Those who are on our annual spring clean up don’t have anything to worry about – just enjoying a beautiful home!

Not sure if you want to be on an annual clean up list? Give us a try! Have us come out and give you a free spring clean up estimate. We can work on a year-to-year basis. Better yet, some homes may not need a yearly clean up!

Fall – Every year, the same crazy thing happens – the leaves fall and bury us. You clean the yard to just turn around and it looks like you didn’t move any leaves! Or, you blow them to your neighbor’s lawn, and wait till he blows them back. We can help!

Whether you want us to gather your leaves in a large pile for you, or have them removed, we can get the job done. Fall is also a great safe time to trim your perennials, bushes, or trees.



After you pick out the perfect tree, you may pick it up or have our experienced crew deliver and install your tree. Planting the tree properly is very important to insure the survival.  Rough estimate to plant a tree is 60% of the cost of the tree (actual cost will vary on distance from our location and quantity of trees being installed).

Landscape Services


Paver Patio/Sidewalks

This can be an exciting way to add some great value to your home; we can install patios and sidewalks in any color or pattern. Free estimates and price is based off the square foot of the project, difficulty of pattern, and quality of brick. All our patios and sidewalks receive the same high quality base to allow for a long-lasting, non-moving patio. The base is just as important as the finishing look. We recommend you read all estimates fully and carefully to assure you are receiving a quality base.


Retaining Wall

Natural landscape is filled with hills, drops, bends, and turns. Sometimes you have no other option but to place a retaining wall – this can be a benefit to the property! We have many options for you to choose from, and we are able to fit any budget and needs. We suggest you use stone products for the longest lasting results. We will provide free estimates on any retaining wall project.


Tree Removal-Trimming

We can remove your old unwanted tree. We have years of tree removal experience, and the expertise to remove your tree in a safe manor. In fact, safety is our number one priority, whether we are working on your site or ours.

Once your tree is removed, we can than remove all the debris and the stump so we can plant a green lush tree or plant grass to add extra space in your yard.

We also offer tree trimming services to keep your trees property maintained and enhance your enjoyment, whether you want more sunlight or a moon view from your patio

Landscaping Services


Bobcat Services

Sometime a shovel just isn't big enough so we offer bobcat services to get the job done!  Our bobcat service are on an hourly basis with an experience operator.  


Rough Grade

No job too small, no job too large with Woodhill Farms Nursery! On the job, we have the equipment to handle all your landscaping needs and a crew with years of experience.

Maybe you just finished construction on your project, and are looking for us to do a rough grade to property revert water away from your home. Or, you had a natural disaster and need us to come in and make it look like it was before.


Final Grade

The best part of new construction is the final grade – adding color with plants, trees, mulch, and lush green grass! Landscaping for over 25 years, we enjoy working with homeowners to make the final grade something enjoyable. With our years of experience, we specialize in low maintenance landscaping – using only the best products for the longest results.

Summer goes by so quickly, so don’t waste your time every weekend in the yard! Join our annual spring-cleaning list so every spring your lawn is well taken care of and looking fresh. For more information, please contact us or call us at 262-248-9876 today!