Property Management


Weekly-Biweekly Mowing

We can take care of your home or business with a weekly or biweekly maintenance.  We mow the lawn and weed wack, and finally go back and blow off all surfaces.   

Spring Clean-up

We can offer in spring time a spring clean up and mulching of complete property.  Mulch is a great way to help hold in moistur for plants and keep weeds from growing.  Also we remove any leaves that may have fallen over winter. 

Fall Clean-up

Once the majority of the leaves have fallen we can collect them off your plants, patio, and other parts of your property and haul them away.

Winter Services

We offer 4 season services, in the winter you can join our snow plowing route and enjoy the comfort of having us snow shovel your sidewalk. 

Will you pick up all the grass clippings?

We have the equipment nessasary if requested. 

How many times a year will you mow?

We charge base on number of times mowed in a year, this way you only pay for the services you will receive.  We can mow more in the spring and less in the summer or weekly or biweekly if requested.